Significant Authors and their Publications

Read about some of the most significant authors and their research published in Journal of Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology during the last 100 years.

Gunnar Teilum

In the chronicles of  the 100-year history, Gunnar Teilum emerges not only as a contributor to the journal but as a distinguished Danish physician, pathoanatomist, and cancer researcher. Serving as a professor in pathological anatomy at the University of Copenhagen from 1962 to 1972, he significantly advanced medical knowledge.

Teilum’s international acclaim stems from his groundbreaking studies on tumors originating from the ovaries and testicles, which also served as the focus of his 1965 article, “Classification of endodermal sinus tumour (mesoblastoma vitellinum) and so-called ’embryonal carcinoma’ of the ovary.” His examination of the microscopic structures of these tumors, compared to the precursor stages in fetal gonads, led to a novel classification.

Beyond his work on reproductive organ pathology, Teilum delved into crucial experimental investigations on amyloidosis, a disease characterized by abnormal protein accumulation. His valuable contributions extended into the broader scientific community, earning him membership in the prestigious Royal Danish Academy of Sciences in 1957.

Today, Teilum’s impact extends beyond academic recognition. The Teilum Building, a cornerstone of Danish scientific research, pays homage to his dedication to unraveling the complexities of diseases, especially within reproductive organs. Named in his honor, this building stands as a symbol of Teilum’s enduring contributions to the world of pathology.

As we commemorate the PMI Journal’s centennial milestone, the journal continues to pave the way for new generations of researchers to explore the future of medical science – just as it was the platform that showcased Teilum’s groundbreaking research.